What we are?

Although information technology is a key part of business operations, its cost is often not directly related to its use. Unlike many other services that can be paid for at the time of use, IT typically requires extensive capital investment, skilled staff and on-going operational spending.

Cloud computing allows any IT resources to be consumed as a utility, from simple applications to a complete server infrastructure, and be delivered to users as on-demand services over a network.

IT Solutions’ Cloud services help organizations achieve faster time to value while improving their business flexibility. We evaluate different cloud models available with an unbiased approach and select the best cloud strategy for our clients to help them achieve greater level of organization agility. IT Solutions’ has vast experience in migrating existing applications, creating new ones and developing platforms on the cloud infrastructure.

IT Solutions leverages the best practices for developing architecture for auto-scaling and deployment optimization that ensures authentication and security. IT Solutions has expertise in Migration to the cloud, Cloud-based content services, Monitoring and deployment automation and Cloud-deployment business service interface. With finest technology and the flexibility, IT Solutions provides best solutions fully managed IT hosting services, business web hosting and SaaS solutions.

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